Luxury Medical Pedicure


Luxury Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is performed by our qualified podiatrist. After an initial assessment to diagnose you skin and nail condition, we tailor the best course of treatment you required. These may include such as verrucae treatment, fungal toe nail treatment and correction of ingrowing toe nail. With the Longwood Foot Clinic Luxury Medical pedicure our clients receive much more than a cosmetic procedure so this is the very best of both worlds. 

What to expect during your medical pedicure appointment?

The ultimate facial treatment for your feet.

1 hour treatment includes

  • Nail cutting and filing
  • Nails will be drilled if they are thickened
  • Correction of ingrowing toenail if necessary
  • Hard skin, cracked heels and corn removal using scalpel blade
  • Advice on general foot condition will be given
  • Skin buffed
  • Skin exfoliated
  • Foot soak
  • Relaxing foot massage
  • You nails will be painted to the colour of your choice using products from the Dr’s Remedys polish range.
  • If you do not require painting your nails, you can choose to have your nails buffed and shiny.


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