About Us

Longwood Foot Clinic was established by Anne Jacobs who had been providing podiatry and chiropody services to the community since 1995. In 2020, Afdha Aly was delighted to have the opportunity to become the new owner of Longwood Foot Clinic bringing her expertise to the people of Redbridge and beyond!

Whether you are suffering from painful ingrown toenails, persistent corns, stubborn verruca, unsightly fungal toenails, difficulty in cutting thickened toe nails or difficulty in reaching your feet and any lower leg related injuries like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, flat feet, pain under the balls of feet(metatarsal areas), shin pain and ankle sprain, our team of experienced practitioners are able to treat a variety of lower limb injuries and common foot problem.

Longwood Foot Clinic is proud to provide a selection of modern,  evidenced-based treatment modalities.

So if you are looking for a friendly and caring podiatry service why not give us a call on 0208 551 6729We look forward to treating you. 

Afdah is a very fine chiropodist, in fact the best one who has ever done my feet. She is also a very caring and compassionate person.


Meet The Team

Afdha Djehafar Aly

BSc (Hons) MCpod.
HCPC registered,

Principal Podiatrist

I am Afdha Aly, your podiatrist/chiropodist at Longwood Foot Clinic. I am a member of the College of Podiatry and a HCPC registered podiatrist. I graduated from University of East London in 2012 with a Bachelor of science honours degree in podiatric medicine. Following graduation, I moved to Scotland to live with my husband and started working in a private podiatry practice north east of the border for a few years before relocating to London in 2018.

Why did I choose podiatry?
I was drawn towards a career in healthcare because as I wanted to make a positive impact every single day on people’s lives and I believe this is what makes me a great practitioner. I really enjoy working as a podiatrist especially as I am continually learning new techniques as the profession evolves and enjoy watching my patient’s walk out with a smile on their faces.

What do I do away from the surgery?  
When I am not working, I love nothing more than spending time with my family. I have two beautiful daughters, Zaara and Nuha. I also love gardening and growing my own vegetables so always happy to chat with other fond gardeners and gain any tips and tricks!

Amy Curran

MSc (SEM) BSc (Hons) MCpod
HCPC registered

Biomechanics Specialist Podiatrist

Amy is a caring podiatrist who specialises in musculoskeletal podiatry and biomechanics. Amy graduated from the University of Southampton with a Bachelor of Science degree in Podiatry with first class honours. Amy started her career in a private practise in Somerset and gained a wide range of experience treating a variety of foot and ankle problems. She then moved to London to complete her Master of Science degree in Podiatric Sports and Exercise Medicine from Queen Mary University and gained a distinction.

Now, Amy can apply her knowledge and skills to suit all foot and ankle needs under one roof at the Longwood Foot Clinic.

Michele Harris


My name is Michele and I’ve been working with Afdha since August 2020. I joined the practise with 14  years behind me of recruiting students for hospitality roles in fantastic locations within the United States, placing many of these students in the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World. When I’m not working my favourite thing to do is to spend time with my daughters and grandson. I love preparing food for my family and its a joy to be round one table together. That said, same people, eating out is also a delight, as we all do love a nice restaurant trip too.